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Stas Gayshan


“It’s been a productive way to provide some extra support to folks who are otherwise burdened with long days at the office.”

Rachel Bianchi

Real Estate Broker

“I used to spend half of my days scheduling appointments and doing admin work. Stuff allowed me to focus more on sales and customer success by doing all the non-efficient, time consuming tasks for me. This service gives time-starved people a life saving product”​

Zach Margolis

Head of Marketing

“This service is mind-blowing. You can delegate any task on the Stuff App for a flat-rate. I use it literally for anything, reaching out to customer support, scheduling appointments with clients and to reserve tables for Friday dinner. This service is addictive “

Lina Schwartz

Director, Product Management

This app is perfect for those annoying daily tasks that are just downright frustrating like calling the DMV. Who has time for that? Stuff does! I’ve used the app for a variety of things like dinner reservations, finding the perfect gift for my bestie and calling my cable company. Stuff makes my life easier and is a brilliant solution for practical folks like myself. Highly recommend!


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You don’t have to sweat the small stuff. That’s what we’re here for. Get those frustrating, time consuming tasks off your To Do list, and spend less time getting wound up, and more time winding down.

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